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BK730 Tabber
BK730 Tabber

BK730 Tabber

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Part Number: BK730

From entry to exit, product size and thickness adjustment controls quickly prepare the transport unit to convey, align and present products for either bottom or top side tabbing. Adjustment points are few in number and easy to understand. Start with a movable registration section to align products on entry, then complete the product setup procedure by adjusting the exit transport belts for product thickness. It’s that simple.

The BK731 labelling head features a mechanism designed with few mechanical parts for simple tab threading and machine configuration, a rail mount system for rapid side-to-side tab placement, and a peel-point assembly with integrated tab sensor for auto-sensing and quick product thickness adjustment.  Equipped with a keypad interface for convenient job parameter entries and motion control software that regulates and smoothly unspools tabs, the labeling head applies tabs of all sizes and shapes from ½” X ½” up to 5” X 7” without missing a beat. Simply program the product length, number of tabs, type of tabs and begin the tabbing process; The system automatically detects and sets both tab pitch and backer sensitivity, and determines tab placement, without any guess work required. To maintain accurate, tolerable tab placement throughout the job, the labeler includes a fast responsive tab drive with speed compensation that constantly monitors production output and adjusts tab placement when needed.

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